Senior Support Worker

Purpose of the job

The main purpose and aim of the home is contained within the Statement of Purpose of each home. Briefly, the organisation aims to provide a safe caring environment which promotes the development of every child’s full potential despite any and all past life experiences.

Promoting a caring environment which provides children and young people with a high standard of care, meeting individual needs and ensuring everyone is treated with respect and dignity and rights to privacy, independence and choice are met.

This senior position requires the staff member to lead the shift, organise the day and be the responsible staff member for any incidents. The role includes completing on-call duties on a rota basis, providing telephone advice and physical attendance to support the team where necessary (additional payment is made for these duties).

Key Responsibilities:

  • To act as shift leader ensuring that the daily tasks of the home are completed and that the service the children receive is of the highest possible standard.
  • To plan the shift ensuring that the needs of the children are met in a professional and fair manner, that staff are aware of their responsibilities for the day and any resourcing matters are dealt with, through close working with the Deputy Home Manager and the Home Manager.
  • To provide a safe, caring environment for all aspects in running of the home for the benefit of the children cared for by Blue Elephant Childcare Ltd. Ensuring a caring, consistent and a well-ordered environment is maintained at all times.
  • To maintain a log of all accidents, incidents or physical intervention and to challenge suspected inappropriate practice according to policies and procedures.
  • To act as lead person with all external professionals and to report directly to the Deputy Home Manager and Home Manager where necessary.
  • To promote, safeguard and protect the welfare of each child, including keeping them safe whilst in the home and using communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs.
  • Establish and maintain positive and trusting relationships with the young people that will promote their sense of security.
  • Provide firm, consistent and fair boundaries in respect of their behaviour and employ appropriate and agreed sanctions where necessary.
  • Keeping up to date with the home’s policies and to follow them at all times.
  • Act as a leader to the support staff, championing the policies and procedures, ensuring that the staff understand not only the content of the policies and procedures but also how they relate to ‘real life’ events in the home.
  • Ensuring healthcare needs of the children and young people are met, including making appointments and accompanying them and completing written reports following their attendance. To ensure all medical and clinical procedures are carried out safely (undergoing any relevant training to enhance your skills).
  • Liaising with other staff, professionals, parents and carers as necessary and maintaining high levels of professionalism at all times.
  • Assist young people in the development and sustaining of safe positive social networks with adults and other peer groups.
  • To work as a member of a team, ensuring that the reception, ongoing care and discharge of young people is undertaken in accordance with the statutory framework and policies & procedures of the organisation. To organise and participate in home activities and home holidays.
  • To assist in the provision/preparation of meals in the home and to complete domestic duties in the home ensuring that the house is kept warm, clean and tidy, and if necessary, help the child keep their space clean. Such duties include, but are not restricted to, laundry, cooking, washing up, cleaning, gardening, washing the company cars etc.
  • Encourage the child to develop their full educational and vocational attainment.
  • Promoting the social and emotional well-being & development of children and young people and to consistently strive to further develop these skills.
  • To engage in and supervise day to day care practices, creating an accepting environment conducive to the positive personal development of each child and to encourage development of individual interests and attitudes.
  • To undertake in planning for and preparation of our children for admission or discharge, to and from the home. This may include professional negotiations to ensure that the child transfers to an environment suitable for that individual.
  • To assist the child’s needs and ensure that all children have care plans and to develop, implement and review packages of care.
  • To attend and contribute to staff meetings; this involves participation and collaboration with other staff in the provision of care to enable the development of the home. Staff meetings may well be arranged on days or times where you are not necessarily rota’d to work, you must make every effort to attend as these are a crucial part of your work- you can claim these as extra hours.
  • To work closely and in co-operation with carers, social work staff, specialists and other professional agencies in accordance with the role and function of the home. To develop and maintain appropriate professional relationships with families and other agencies.
  • To support less experienced staff from time to time as part of their programme of induction to the work and operation of the home in conjunction with the organisation’s policies and procedures.
  • To provide formal and informal (ad hoc) supervision to support staff, and to work with the Deputy Home Manager and the Home Manager to provide annual appraisals to all staff.
  • Undertake sleep in duties as appropriate to the rota system (11pm-8am).
  • To make positive use and participate in the Blue Elephant supervision and appraisal scheme.
  • To undertake routine administrative tasks and provide written reports and maintain the child’s file as required by the organisation’s policies and procedures.
  • To receive and deal with complaints in accordance with the policies and procedures of the organisation.
  • To undertake financial management of the home as appropriate to your role, including the recording of day to day petty cash use, checking and signing that the petty cash spend, including confirmation that the balance in the petty cash book is what is actually in the petty cash tin, at the start and end of each shift, (accepting that any shortfall is the responsibility of the staff who have been on duty when the discrepancy was identified and making up the balance if necessary) in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures.
  • To carry out duties in accordance with the Health & Safety at work act, adopting safe working practices, in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures including taking responsibility for your own Health & Safety including the wearing of appropriate footwear and clothing as the conditions and activities planned require.
  • All duties and responsibilities will be carried out in accordance with the handbook and policies and procedures of the organisation.
  • To participate in alternating shift pattern, which may include working long days (15hrs) short days (8 hrs) and averaging a total of 35 hours per week over a 3 week period. Such shifts will include working weekends and Bank Holidays including Christmas Day etc.
  • To maintain the security of the building at all times, making sure the doors and windows are closed and locked each time the home is left empty. To hold shift keys securely and away from children’s grasp and return them to the office or pass on to the next staff on duty at the end of your shift. If you take the keys home by accident, you are required to return them to the home immediately at your own cost.

The above list is indicative and not exhaustive. A Support Worker is expected to carry out all such additional duties as are reasonably commensurate with the role, at the direction and discretion of the home manager.

a. Directly to the Home Manager.
b. Through the Home Manager accountable to the Responsible Individual
c. Through the Unit Manager accountable to the Directors of the company.

The organisation reserves the right to change or modify your job description as it thinks fit (in its sole discretion) from time to time.