Can you make a difference to a young person’s life?

“What can you do to improve the care for young people who need it.” Keeping this at the forefront of everyone’s thinking a truly child centred organisation is growing.

South West based, Blue Elephant will always be a small family company, working together to make sure that the community of Blue Elephant benefits all the young people we work with.

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A residential childcare company where the kids are always at the centre of everything we do.

The team at Blue Elephant Childcare

Why elephants?

Elephants have one of the strongest senses of community in the natural world:

  • They run a society where moral authority is shared
  • The young are held in great esteem
  • When the young are in danger everyone steps in to help and support
  • This even occurs when the young are ‘down’ or ‘blue’

At Blue Elephant Childcare we work with young people in a manner by which the whole organisation works to ensure the safety, aspirations and growth of their young people are paramount.

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Mission Statement

To work with children needing residential children’s homes in Devon and the South West.


  • To provide high quality well-resourced beautiful children’s homes
  • We want every child we care for to grow and develop, enjoy and experience, life in the most positive and non-discriminatory way.
  • To provide stable, individual care, supported by the child, his family (significant other), social worker and local authority.
  • To provide consistent targeted care, designed to help the individual child to be the best they can be.
  • Listen and respond to children’s views, wishes and feelings and consult with them about the development Blue Elephant Childcare.
  • Respect and promote children’s rights.
  • Safeguard the welfare, health and happiness of all children
  • Have high aspirations for each child.
  • Respect and value diversity.
  • Promote contact with family and friends.
  • Support and prepare care leavers to make an effective transition to independent living.
  • Make decisions based on assessment of need.
  • Celebrate children’s achievements.